Operator:Lucky Money a.s., IČ: 272 05 746 ("Rebuy Stars")
located at K výtopně 1224, Zbraslav, 156 00 Praha 5
ZHH:law no. 186/2016 Sb., on gambling
Participant:a person with a valid registration to participate on gambling games of the Operator in the gaming space according to the game rules (herní plán) of the particular game type

Art. I.

These Loyalty programme rules of the Operator of gambling games Lucky Money a.s. are an extension of the terms and conditions of the same Operator, which are a part of the legal relationship between the Operator and the Participant.

This Loyalty programme is applicable to the technical gambling game in the sense of the provision § 3 odst. 2 písm. e) ZHH.

The rules of membership are further described in the Terms and Conditions of the Operator, specifically in the article IV of those Terms and Conditions.

The Operator reserves the right to change the rules of this Loyalty Programme at any time.

The Participant is able to fully use his Loyalty account only after registering his email address into his Player card (the registration systém of the Operator). The system of the Operator then sends a verification email to the email address provided, which the Participant has to confirm and verify, according to the instructions in said email.

The Operator is not liable for any breaches or unauthorized uses of Participants’ balance in cases of lost or stolen cards.

Art. II.

The Participants of the Lozalty Programme can reach several levels of membership, where each level has its own set of rules, more in “Membership Levels.”

The Participants are rewarded by “Points” for their activity in participating in gambling games. These Paints can later be converted for money in the rate of 1 point = 1 CZK. After complying with all the conditions set forth Participants may convert the Points for money only in multiples of 100 CZK.

The Participant may once every 30 days also withdraw 200 CZK without registering their email into the registration system.

The Points are calculated according to a time frame set by the Operator. The rate at which Points are gathered by the Participant is dependent on the level of its membership. The higher his membership level, the higher the rate of Points acquisition. The classification of Participants into different membership levels varies according to his activity during the time frame set by the Operator, i.e. the membership levels can both increase and decrease. After achieving a higher level of membership the Participant is guaranteed at least 90 days of staying at the level, which does not prohibit the Participant from achieving a membership level that is higher. At the moment of achieving a higher level of membership, the Participant gets a one-off Point bonus.

The precise calculation of bonuses and membership levels is considered a business secret and is not disclosed in these rules. The Operator guarantees that it is an objective and nondiscriminatory calculation, based on objective facts and realities and equal to all Participants. The calculation of Points is also not based on any factors of luck or before unknown circumstance according to the law no. 186/2016 Sb., of gambling games.

Art. III.
Membership Levels

Membership levels are the following: CLUB, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM.

Member of the level CLUB does not acquire any Points for his activity. Participants activity, however, serves for his potential achievement of higher membership levels.

Member of the SILVER level gains Points according to his gaming activity.

Member of the GOLD level gains 33% more points according to his gaming activity than a member of the SILVER level.

Member of the PLATINUM level gains 100% more points according to his gaming activity than a member of the SILVER level.

Art. IV.
VIP package

Any Participant of this Loyalty programme has the option to buy a VIP package, which entitles the Participant to free consumption of food and drinks as set forth by the Operator. VIP package has an expiration date of 30 days, after which the Participant may buy the VIP package again.


In Prague on 13 August 2018